Castles and manors

Slovakia. The country of castles, manors and mansions. All of them are more than just a nice decoration in our region.

Historical monuments

You can get to know the history of the capital city and its region anytime. Many accessible historical monuments will guide you throughout the rich history of the region.

Archaeological locality

Archaeological monuments reveal even the oldest hidden treasures. Our region has discovered a few which let us imagine how our area looked like in the past.

Religious sites

Spiritual past of the region is still present. You can explore it and visit sacral monuments. Many of them are well-preserved; others are restored and accessible not only for the believers.

Turistické zaujímavosti

Every destination offers different touristic attractions and these are tempting not only for the tourists. Only in Bratislava region you can make a picture of Schone Naci, Cumil- a man climbing of the canal or Napoleon leaning over a bench and you can as well calculate the distance of favourite destinations on different continents on the mile stone under Michalska gate.