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Tourism in the Bratislava Self-Governing Region is a very important component of the region's economy thanks to its strategic geographic location.

This relatively small yet attractive natural environment with a diverse range of natural elements and the infrastructure in place have created the foundation needed to develop a whole host of tourist attractions and activities. Among the most important tourist attractions and sites in the Bratislava Region is Bratislava itself, which quite naturally is the dominant tourism centre in the region with both national and international renown. Activities available to tourists are focused on history, culture and traditions combined with gastronomy and shipping as well as opportunities for burgeoning congress tourism. 

The Small Carpathian area is a major wine-producing area in Slovakia rich in cultural sites and folk traditions in addition to excellent wines.

The Záhorie area attracts visitors with its natural beauty and great conditions for water and recreational sports as well as historical landmarks.

The Danube area is primarily associated with water and lakes, which offer the perfect environment for summer stays, water-based tourism and fishing.

The Bratislava Region is one of the administrative regions of Slovakia. Its capital is Bratislava. It is the smallest of the eight regions of Slovakia.

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Area2053 km2
Density of inhabitants per km2
303 obyv/km2
Total number of inhabitants  31.12.2014625 167
Number of districts (Bratislava I,II,III,IV,V, Malacky, Pezinok, Senec)8
Number of municipalities
Number of towns (Bratislava, Malacky, Stupava, Svätý Jur, Pezinok, Modra, Senec)7
Urban level (%)82,07