Záhorie Region

The name of the Zahorie (read zaa-hor- ye) county means being “behind the mountains” - the Lesser Carpathian Mountains.  It´s known for its sand dunes made by wind covered by pine forest, unique bio-tops in the Morava river floodplain forests, well preserved due to the forty years  of enforced silence, being the Iron Curtain between the communist block and the West. In Smrdaky spa you´ll find a unique hydrogen sulfide water (a bit stinky, but healing). A popular day-trip destination is the technical monument called Bata channel (yes, deriving from the famous boot producer) on the border to the Czech Republic, where you can make a paddle trip down the stream. The Upper Zahorie is also the proud home of “Skalicky trdelnik” (don´t even try to pronounce it, show it rather in this brochure! – a sort of dry sweet rolled cake) and “Skalicky Rubin” – a light red wine granted an EU trade mark. For those fond of sports, you may go for a golf tour, make a hiking or cycling trip in the Lesser Carpathian Mountains

Further information on the official Zahorie County web site www.regionzahorie.sk


- Stupava (manor house, park)

“Príroda” (meaning “nature”) bio farm

- Pajštún Castle

- Marianka pilgrim church and fountain

- Malacky (manor house, synagogue, golf)

- Habán dvor (Hutterite farm) in Veľke Leváre

- Recreation area Rudava

- Plavecký Castle

- Eurovelo 13  - a cycling route

- Upper Záhorie: Skalica town, Bata channel and Smrdáky spa

- Šaštín basilica (pilgrimage)

Taste :

- Skalický trdelník (dry rolled cake)

- Skalický rubín (light red wine)

- Stupava “zelé” (read “zai-lai”) – famous strong sauerkraut

- Craft beer


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