Small Carpathians Region

The county backed by the South-Eastern slopes of Lesser Carpathian Mountains is the best known wine-yard region in Slovakia. Here you can find a plenty of gifted wine growers, who will be glad to welcome you in their small wine cellars introducing to you their treasury. Every year you can take part in the Lesser Carpathian Mountains Wine Tour event. You definitely cannot miss the village of Slovensky Grob, famous for its Goose Delicates, sided by red cabbage and “loksa” (read lok-sha, a thin potato based flatbread). As this is a Natural Preservation Area, you can find here places of natural beauty, but at the same time historical and cultural monuments, all along hiking and biking routes.

- Further information on the official Lesser Carpathian County web site:


- Červený Kameň Castle (also known as Biberburg)

- Svätý Jur (meaning St. George, the historical town center, the “Saint Staircase”, Šúr Natural Preservation Area)

- Pezinok (the historical town center, Lesser Carpathian Museum, Schaubmar Mill)

- Modra (the historical town center, The Ceramics Plastics Museum with the Ignaz Bizmayer Gallery, Elesko ZOYA Museum a winery)

- Tourist lookout tower Veľká Homola

- Tourist lookout tower Kukla

- Wine events on the Lesser Carpathians Wine Route


- Goose Delicates in Slovensky Grob

- Lesser Carpathian wine

- Scískanice (baked potato flatbread) in Dubova

Traditional souvenir:

- Majolika (blue pottery) in Modra


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