Danube lowland

The Danube, Europe’s second longest river, dominates the Danube lowland with its vast fertile Danube floodplain. The Danube and its tributaries have created an intricate network of branches, extensive marshes and gravel-ponds. Almost 40 minerals have been found in the Danube sands and gravels and even gold was panned for until recently. Of even greater value are the plentiful resources of underground water and healing thermal springs. They constitute the most abundant sources of drinking water in Europe. The unique flora and fauna of the floodplain forests make an added attraction. They are part of the protected region of the Danube floodplains which stretches along the Danube. Rare forest, water, marsh, meadow and sand-loving communities occur here.


  • The secluded Danube branches make an ideal place for rafting, diving, boat trips and fishing.

  • The slow-moving Malý Dunaj makes wide meanders across the Danube lowland. It is popular with water sportsmen and families with small children.

  • Sunny Lakes in Senec, stretching over more than 100 hectares, is a favourite summer recreation and relaxation resort. (www.slnecnejazera.eu)

  • Aquapark, located on the north side of Sunny Lakes, is open all the year round and offers 8 pools (13 in summer) with water at 28-38°C, water attractions and saunas.

  • The popular international Danube cycle-path runs along the true-right bank of the Danube, offering unforgettable impressions of the tranquil landscape.

  • The cycle-path also leads via the pseudo-historical triplearched stone bridge over the Čierna voda river in Kráľová pri Senci, built in 1904 in the Baroque style.

  • A horse-riding farm with a covered riding hall and stylish western restaurant is to be found in Hrubá Borša, a village with a long agricultural tradition.

  • Bernolákovo is especially familiar to golf-lovers. The natural scenery surrounding the course is enhanced by the impressive Baroque manor house from the 18th century.


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